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Who Trade Tales is for

The dreamers, visionaries & original thinkers

  • Leverage off other people's time or resources to build

  • Bounce ideas off people with different perspectives in their field of experience.

  • Save time - connect directly based on another members experience or suitability so you limit your exposure to potential idea copycats

  • Find your tribe early, (technical and marketing person especially) so you can execute quickly as some companies or even platforms you were using to help build your business have the tools to find your startup and the resources to test your concept, expand or pivot their business if it suits them. 

  • We will never steal your ideas. We know how much time and energy it takes to get your start-up from an idea to where it is today. 


The curious professional 

  • Find support for any project or role changes 

  • Learn from other professionals around the world

  • Build a side hustle after hours

  • Make PASSIVE Income with referral program

The aspiring real estate mogul 

  • You have invested in financial training - Find local contacts, support, other people's time or money to put your training into action.

  • Meet people who have signed up for that Wealth Mentorship or Real estate Investing mentorship you want to attend

  • Surround yourself with the right people with the right mindset who have already walked the path before you

  • Real estate is lucrative but building a multi million dollar portfolio can also be capital intensive and a lot of work why not look for a complementary JV partner?


The startup entrepreneur 

  • Find test users

  • Look for co-founders or angels

  • Find potential early employees

  • The more perspectives you have access to, the more you are able to connect the dots and innovate 


The freelancer

  •  Open yourself up to more opportunities and the possibility of working with startups longer term - they usually offer equity for early employees if it takes off, so why not be proactive and engage with projects at idea stage?

Somebody with a growth mindset &  a teachers heart

  •  Excel in all areas of life - physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally - soft skills are becoming more important going forward

  • People are not secure in their Jobs. Its creating a lot of stress on individuals and families. You see it and want to help.


Students of College , Mentoring Programs , Courses

  • You’ve invested your time, money, energy into training. There’s more than 1 way to use the knowledge you have invested in. Turn your knowledge into social capital, innovative ideas or financial capital. In the Networking marketplace the possibilities are endless.

  • Put in place the habit to practice. Knowledge grows when you discuss it

  • Make friends all over the world ! Meaningful Connections made on mutual interests will last, perhaps a lifetime.

Become a business member!

  • Offer coaching, mentoring or advisory
  • Build Relationships B2B B2C
  • Use the platform as a point of sale
  • Market new projects ( useful to the community ) in announcements
  • Or simply to pay it forward

There are so many other scenario combinations and possibilities !

With the right knowledge and network you can bring any dream to life !

* Free to sign up  * Message anyone for free

* Buying virtual coffee is a great way to start a new friendship

Steps to Joining the Referral Program

  1. Join Marketplace - Annual membership USD 150

  2. Make a post

  3. Apply for referral program

  4. Receive unique referral link

  5. Share this page + links in your network and earn recurring 20% (USD30) commission per sale or renewal  

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